We help businesses achieve higher levels of profitability by improving client experience and  increasing retention
Better customer outcomes lead to higher lifetime customer value
We help businesses break from the chaos and scale through strategy, systems, and standardized processes.
Let's make your growing business more fun, rewarding, impactful and profitable!
We bring strategic, process and technology expertise to help our clients:
  • Reduce membership and client churn 
  • ​Increase client retention rates
  • ​Create "wow" customer experiences
  • ​Increase Lifetime Customer Value
  • ​Drive revenue and profitability growth
We help businesses strategize, plan and implement initiatives that improve customer experience and increase retention:
  • Define KPI's for each customer journey touchpoint
  • Design and implement data collection and reporting system
  • ​Predictive analysis related to customer churn and retention
  • ​Design personalization and gifting strategies at scale
  • ​Product design to support client ascension and renewals
  • ​Design LMS / membership sites that leverage automation to monitor client results and trigger appropriate actions
  • ​Design, sourcing and fulfillment of custom boxes
    (e.g., welcome boxes, celebration boxes)
  • ​Strategic design of key customer journey touchpoints including onboarding process and core product delivery
We subscribe to four key themes when it comes to realizing value through digital transformation:
  • Simplification -- find a shared vision, focus and prioritization
  • Systemization -- leverage tools, technology and automation
  • Standardization -- develop processes and ways of doing things that deliver consistent and repeatable results
  • Productization -- look for opportunities to generate revenue in more scalable ways
We have a proven methodology, called The BreakOut Method, to help your business quickly plan, prioritize and implement initiatives to improve your customer experience and increase retention:
  • PHASE 1:  The Gameplan
  • PHASE 2:  Visioning and Prioritzation
  • PHASE 3:  Execution (90-Day Sprints)
        --> Plan
        --> Act
        --> Analyze
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